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Submit Photos and make $$$!
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Download unlimited stock photos!
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Ron Assembled

Ron Assembled
A real good-for-nothing character emboding the most bizarre scenes.
A collection of versatile videos suitable for advertising campaigns, a touch of humor for ridiculous news and the showbiz world.
Full collection at Pond5

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What does Royalty-Free mean?
It isn't free stuff. When you buy a Royalty Free or RF license you have the right to use copyrighted material without the need to pay royalties or other fees for each use. Many license types may be available, depending on certain features: territory of application (i.e. worldwide), exclusive or non-exclusive, time period of use, for an end product or resale, per volume sold, etc. Here you have some examples: VideoHive, iStockVideo, ShutterStock (Standard License vs. Enhanced License), Pond5

Editorial use only: What does it mean?
Before you buy a video you have to review the available licenses carefully.
Editorial videos/footage are those that have not been released for commercial use. The videographer does not provide any needed additional releases with those videos, i.e. a video of a building for which the videographer could not obtain a property release or a video with people without a model release because they have not given permission for any commercial use of that video. A video should also be considered as editorial if names, trademarks, logos, uniforms, registered or copyrighted designs or works of art are depicted in it but you don't have all necessary rights, consents or permissions as may be required for reproduction of that video.
News and celebrity videos, are not cleared for commercial use so they have to be considered as editorial.
Non-editorial or commercial or creative footage can be used for almost any promotional or advertising purposes. On the other hand unreleased editorial footage are intended to be used in a documentary or blog post for illustrative purposes or to provide context, but you cannot use the footage to sell anything, editorial footage/video are for non-commercial, non-promotional use only.
More about editorial videos/footage: iStockVideo, ShutterStock

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Download unlimited stock photos and videos!
Download unlimited stock photos and videos!

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