Self Promotion - How to Reach More Fans and Followers

Twitter Tips and Tricks

Twitter logo: tips and tricks, hashtags as keywords, shorten links, upload an image

Twitter can be a powerful tool for self-promotion, for people to find you, to gain more followers and to give your followers a better content.
It's a science in itself so let's share some tips.

Your @username
Choose your Twitter username wisely, simple but logic and easy to remember and to type, no under scores, no "official", nothing silly, no numbers.

Mine is very easy: yiomultimedia (yio was already taken, it seems to be a Japanese female name, agh!)

Advices for Indie Musicians from the PledgeMusic Team

Advices for Indie Musicians from the PledgeMusic Team

These are some tips from Mike Blatt, a member of PledgeMusic, a platform that connects artists and fans who come here to be a part of the creation process. Any artist can launch a project and deliver his music as it happens, engaging their fans through exclusive updates that share the creative process. A project could be around their new album or EP, a book, a DVD, a concert tour…anything the artist is doing, as long as it’s centered around music. When fans become Pledgers they become a part of the artist’s journey from the studio to the stage.

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